New Year, New Playground

After spending almost one year in the sinking ship (those infamous messaging app), I have got an opportunity to rise from the ashes.

I am really happy with this chance, where this company let me join with the team in the financial scene in the city. This is the new playground for me with a new responsibility to shape the new experiences for people (I’d prefer to use “people” instead of “user” or “consumer”). I am finally moving to the different side where the force is. In the tech industries, force lies on the product and developer side.

With my experiences and my expertise, my boss believes that they can rely on me. I also believe I can answer this challenge. I feel the same energy and enthusiasm like when I am doing my first job years ago. I feel the old sparks now. I already spent a month with my new team with some pros and cons, but I really enjoy the ride. I hope the team feel the same though.

One of the main challenges is involved more tech aspect to make sure that “financial” and “technology” in balanced. Thus, we can claim our company is the real “financial-technology” company. For now, the financial aspect is more dominant, and that’s why they recruit more tech people, including me.

We’ll see what happened next to me. Godspeed!