[Review] Keychron K4

Thanks to this pandemic that makes me spending my penny for the mechanical keyboard.

It starts with the Twitter post of Petra Barus that loop on my timeline because one of my networks replies his post. He posted a picture of his new mechanical keyboard, Keychron K4.

After that, I start looking around on the internet (ed-YouTube) about Keychron. After some insightful videos, including from TaeKeyboard, I have decided to get one of Keychron products.

In case you missed it, Keychron is one of the successful Kickstarter projects. They offering the experience to the customer to know how satisfying “thock” sound of the mechanical keyboard. In addition, they also put some features that give uniqueness for the product, such as wireless or wired connectivity, backlight (including RGB), compatibility for macOS, Windows, and Android. With all those features, the prices remain affordable.

Keychron K4 with single backlight setting.
Keychron K4 with RGB backlight setting

After a week using this K4 (96%) for daily use (working and light-gaming, like Football Manager and the Sims), I can safely say that money well-spent. Using the Gateron red switch, the “thock” sounds moderate and not so noisy. Compare to blue and brown, the red switch can be classified as the most silent. Blue is the noisiest and brown is the gentle one.

Can I recommend this K4 to you? Why not? You should try, at least you could give a shot for this one. If you still have mixed feelings about Keychron, you could still another brand, such as Ducky, Varmilo, or even the local one, PressPlay with more affordable price.